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Student Registration (private)

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Education Institute

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Detailed Description Of The Service

Registration of the student whose parent works in the private sector.
The parent shall be committed to register his/her child in a primary school after achieving the admissible age, or to register a non-Qatari student in the morning education curriculum at the age of 6 based on the compulsory education in the State of Qatar and until the student reaches 18 years or completes the preparatory level, whichever comes first.

How to get the service (detailed steps)

- By contacting the school.
- For assistance, please visit the Information Center at the Supreme Education Council Tower (Al-Dafna area) or by dialing the hotline number 155.

Documents Required From The Client

1. For student registration in all grades and ages:

- Personal ID of the student.
- Student’s health file.
- An employment certificate of the parent.

2. For higher grades:
- An equivalence of the student’s academic certificates from the competent authority (Equivalency Unit) at the evaluation Institute of the Supreme Education Council. Students are registered according to the educational grade level set in the State Qatar regardless of the student’s issuing country or school.


Service Terms And Conditions

The parent shall pay the fees for school manuals and bus transportation.

Full compliance with the age restrictions for each stage as stipulated in Article (2), in no later than the end of January of each Gregorian year.

Required Time To Provide The Service

According to the yearly plan or by reviewing the schools from September - January every year.

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