The role of the cultural attachés sponsored by the State of Qatar is to facilitate the scholarship period for Qatari students on scholarships in various countries abroad and to make students aware of their power in self-reliance, which in turn is based on supervision and care to improve themselves and take care of their various affairs at all levels and to increase their ability to achieve their vision and academic and life goals and ensure their mental health.


The offices of the cultural attachés abroad (in the United States of America and the United Kingdom) are generally responsible for the following tasks: Academic follow-up: Follow-up of student performance, provision of guidance and support, and addressing academic problems encountered in order to help and guide him regarding housing and transportation, as well as procedures related to comprehensive health insurance for the student.


The offices of the cultural attachés provide financial services and disbursement of financial payments to students on scholarships abroad, such as tuition allowances and monthly fees, and address all universities to deliver tuition bills for students directly to the office of the cultural attaché abroad.


United Kingdom:

 Embassy of the State of Qatar in London - United Kingdom (


United State of America: 

Office of the Qatari Cultural Attaché – Office of the Qatari Cultural Attaché (

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