The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) issues licenses for private schools and pre-schools based on the conditions set by Law No. 23 of 2015 on the Regulation of Private Schools.

The MOEHE also issued the executive regulations of the law, to clarify the necessary procedures that private school operators should comply with when establishing their schools.

All investors willing to obtain licenses to operate private schools should review the licensing guide and apply in November and December of each year through the registration website for private school licenses.


Steps to apply online:

·        Access to the school license registration website.

·        Create a new account or login.

·        Follow the steps to apply for opening a private educational institution.


Documents required to be attached to the application:

·        The curriculum vitae of the license applicant and the contributing parties, if any.

·        A certificate from the Ministry of Public Health regarding the outlets in the building.

·        The organizational chart of the school.

·        School action plan and educational plan.

·        Building layout and location of the school.

·        A sample of the signatures of the owner and shareholders.

·        A memorandum issued by embassy of the country (for community schools).

·        A document demonstrating the financial capacity of the applicant.

·        A copy of the title deed of the property if owned by the owner of the school, or attach a copy of the school building lease contract.

·        A certificate of good conduct issued by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Interior for the school owner and for each partner (if the applicant is a company).

·        A copy of the company's contract.

·        A copy of the passport or ID card of the owner or principal of the school and the shareholder individuals.

·        A certificate issued by the Civil Defense Department confirms that the building meets the security and safety requirements.

·        Approval from the Traffic Department.

·        Municipality license.

·        Trade license.

·        Bank guarantee.

·        Any other documents that the competent authority deems necessary to submit in connection with the license.


·        License fees for schools in the educational stage, one stage: QR.5000.

·        License fees for schools with more than one educational stage: QR.8000.

·        License renewal fees: QR 3,000.


Conditions that must be met by the investor:

·        The business of education must be one of the activities authorized to be practiced by the legal person requesting a license to establish the school.

·        Be at least 21 years old.

·        Have full civil capacity.

·        Be of good conduct and a good reputation.

·        The natural person, or one of those in charge of managing the business of the legal person or joint partners, shall not be an employee of the Ministry of Education and High Education or its affiliated entities or institutions, or any of them shall have a direct interest in the Ministry, throughout the validity period of the license.

·        The natural person or one of those in charge of managing the business of the legal person or joint partners must not have been convicted of offence involving moral turpitude or dishonesty, even if rehabilitated.

·        Location, building, facilities, and equipment of the private school must be appropriate to the requirements of its educational mission, in accordance with the conditions and specifications determined in the executive regulations.

·        The license applicant must obtain all the necessary approvals from the competent authorities in the country, and the use of the school building must be limited to the educational fields.

·        Each private school must have a distinct name, which distinguishes it from others, approved by the competent authority.

For more details on the conditions and procedures for granting licenses for private schools in the State of Qatar, please see this detailed ministerial guide, as well as the School Licensing Law and its executive regulations .

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