The Ministry of Education and Higher Education seeks to facilitates students’ study abroad in an orderly manner, and therefore students wishing to study abroad must have a prior approval after ensuring that their disciplines are in line with Qatar’s educational outcomes, and that they are compliant with the regulations approved by Qatar’s policy as set by Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in terms of disciplines, learning tracks to be pursued abroad, and the respective institutions.

Pre-approvals for studying abroad, for both self-financed and employer-financed students, are obtained based on the list of approved universities, which is updated periodically.


The Ministry of Education and Higher Education stresses the need for pre-approval, as the Ministry regards such approval a fundamental requirement for self-financed and employer-financed students abroad. It is also a key requirement for for the equivalency of students’ certificates/degree after graduation and applying for equivalence of their university degrees.

When a student obtains the pre-approval from the Department of University Certificates Equivalency for the purpose of studying abroad at their own expense or at the expense of their employer, they are required to comply with a set of conditions and standards, for university study, most notably the following:

·       Students may not change the country of study, university, discipline, or stage of study without the approval of the University Certificates Equivalency Department.

·       Students should attend and set for exams at the main campus of the educational institution stated in the pre-approval decision.

·       Students should observe the duration prescribed for each degree level, in line with the regulations of Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

·       Students should undertake not to seek equivalency for any credits that do not comply with the regulations applicable in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. At the time of applying for a pre-approval, students must declare to the Department any prior credits or study they already have to verify whether such credits would be accepted by the Department or not.

·       Within six months after issuing the pre-approval and up on registration, students are required to report for face-to-face study. If a student fails to report for face-to-face study on the specified date, the pre-approval would be deemed revoked, and the student would be required to reapply for a new pre-approval, in accordance with the conditions and standards as applicable at the time of submitting the new application.

·       A student may not obtain more than one pre-approval for the same degree, otherwise all would be deemed revoked. A student must notify the Department of any existing pre-approval at the time of applying for another pre-approval.



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