Education centers are private centers distributed over various regions in the State of Qatar that offer many education programs and various training courses, and the most important disciplines they offer are: administrative training, teaching foreign languages, remedial lesson centers, educational training, and computer teaching, as well as centers for people with special needs, visual arts centers, and mental sports centers.


Education Centers Department Structure


Minister of Education and Higher Education

Undersecretary of Ministry Education and Higher Education

Assistant Undersecretary of Private Education Affairs

Director of Education Centers

Head of Education Centers Licensing Section



Head of Education Centers Supervision Section


Staff of Education Centers Licensing Section



Staff of Education Centers Supervision Section



The Ministry of Education and Higher Education sets the conditions and standards in accordance with the laws and ministerial resolutions regulating the work of education and training centers to obtain licenses to ensure the quality of the services they provide.

The Ministry also supports the investor in the private education sector from the beginning step by step, by providing various types of support, guidance and communication, in addition to explaining all requirements, and providing various necessary consultations and official communications with the concerned authorities, so that the investor provides educational services with the quality that the Qatari society deserves.

You can find more details on the Education Centers website.



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