Education in Qatar
Designing creative and inspiring schools that produce independent, confident, and self-reliant critical thinkers is driving education in Qatar. This push to build a world-class educational system aligned with international standards is crucial to Qatar achieving its national 2030 vision and transforming into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development. The leadership has made a substantial investment in education at QR. 22 billion in 2020.

K-12 system
The Ministry of Education and Higher Education supports and oversees education in Qatar. A robust, diversified, andever-expanding K-12 system provides a broad set of schooling opportunities to meet the individual needs of students and their families.These include 208 public schools serving more than 196,000 students; and more than 310private schools serving approximately 200,000 students. These schools offer differing curricula and serve a variety of nationalities.
Holding teachers to high standards is at the heart of successful schools. The Ministry recruits, licenses, and supports teachers in a variety of ways, including manytraining options. The Ministry has invested substantial resources in teacher training and development.Qatar is committed to continuous improvement of education by incorporating best practices and standards from around the world – while always ensuring these improvements are compatible with Qatari values and culture.

Higher Education
Qatar has a well-established system of higher education that continues to grow.The colleges and universities in Qatar serve not only its own citizens and residents, but are a regional hub. Qatar attracts students from all over the world, particularly the Gulf.Qatar University is the flagship public research university in Qatar.Alongside Qatar University are 27 other private and public colleges and universities, including branches of world- renowned higher education institutions, supported by Qatar Foundation.The Ministry provides scholarships to qualified Qatari students to attend an approved list of colleges and universities both in Qatar and abroad. For more information about scholarship programs, visit the link here.
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