Education Strategy 2018 - 2022

"The education sector is key to meeting the development goals of Qatar. The state’s permanent constitution enshrines education as one of the main pillars of social progress. Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV2030) aims to build the capacities of Qatari citizens by establishing world-class education system that offers exceptional opportunities for quality education and training.

In light of this, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has been playing a key role in implementing the Education and Training Sector Strategy (ETSS) 2011-16. Considerable challenges, as well as invaluable outcomes, have been associated with the strategy.

Building on the experience of this strategy, the Ministry used an outcome-based approach for developing the Education and Training Sector Strategy 2018-22. This second ETSS is currently implemented in coordination with the rest of the state sectoral strategies, and led by the Statistics and Planning Authority.

The ETSS 2018-22 executive summary highlights the goal, objectives and main components of the strategy and how relevant it is to the state plans and strategies. It further explains the implementation and follow-up mechanism used to reach a consolidated approach for all parties involved in the education process.

To learn about the ETSS 2018-22 objectives, main components and other relevant information, click here.

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