National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

NQF is a mandatory reference tool for identifying, classifying, and organizing national academic and vocational qualifications, according to gradation of learning levels. NQF has been developed with specific criteria; it is a single integrated reference framework covering various sectors of education, such as academic, vocational, technical, and specialized education. NQF is a mandatory framework for all educational, vocational and higher education institutions in the country. Such institutions should align their existing qualifications and design their new ones in line with this framework.


NQF aims to improve the quality of qualifications, links them together, increases learning and progression opportunities across the qualifications scale. It allows the recognition of existing qualifications in the country and serves as a structure for the development of all new qualifications. Furthermore, NQF is a tool for comparing and aligning local qualifications with their international counterparts, and will contribute to supporting lifelong learning, and guiding the review and development programs of the educational system in the country.

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