The School and Student Affairs Department of the Education Affairs Sector of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) supervises public schools by setting terms and conditions for the establishment of public education schools in accordance with the MOEHE's policies. The School and Student Affairs Department proposes the necessary financial funds to support schools, as well as provides administrative and technical guidance and support to ensure the achievement of educational quality standards, supervises public education at its various stages, and directs them under the approved educational policies, objectives, and plans.


The number of public schools reached (214), and the number of pre-schools reached (65) during the academic year 2022-2023. The total number of students in all schools and pre-schools reached (132,128); the number of students in government schools (boys and girls) reached (124,192); and the number of students in nurseries reached (7,936).


The Department of School and Student Affairs also supervises  pre-school students (within age group starting from 4 years to grade 12 students aged 18 years), as well as students in the age group over the age of 18 years who are enrolled in adult education and who are divided into three educational categories: (home students), and their system covers cycle 1 from the educational stages and up to the 12, and it is available to all nationalities, and (parallel education students): This system is intended for Qataris only over the age of 25 years, and it is for the secondary stage only, and (evening education students): where some schools are allocated as evening educational centers that Qatari students and GCC citizens enroll in only, and those registered in the parallel track and  and homes.

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