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Education Sector Market

Qatar is among the highest per capita income in the world and has recorded an estimated GDP of QR 167.7 billion in 2019. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects Qatar’s growth of real GDP at 5% in 2021. Known for its vast natural gas reserves, Qatar recognizes the importance of developing a knowledge-based and diversified economy to ensure a sustainability future.

In order to achieve this competitive, vibrant economy with a labor force that will meet the country’s future needs, Qatar has been developing, over the past 20 years, a robust and diversified education sector in line with international standards.

Qatar's investment in education is commensurate with its ambitious plans. In the 2020 budget, investment in education represents approximately 10% of its overall expenditures and stands at QR22 billion ($6.1bn), one of the highest in the MENA region. Major projects in the education sector currently underway include expansion in schools, universities and educational facilities network.

The World Economic Forum's Global Competitive Index 2019 ranks Qatar 29th out of 141 economies. It is ranked first in Internet usage, eighth in government’s long-term vision and skillset of graduates, sixth in skills of future workforce and 16th in quality of vocational training.

Despite all the above efforts, Qatar is still set for growth due to rising population, high per capita income and preference for world-class education.​