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Early Child Education 

To keep pace with modern changes in education and to inculcate the spirit of innovation, initiative and effective participation in society from childhood, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has developed an integrated curriculum for early education.  It includes kindergarten and the first and second grades, where students range between 4 and 6 years of age.

This curriculum deviates from the traditional methods of early education that rely on textbooks and study materials. Rather, it focuses on forming the personality of children as active, creative participants who depend on themselves and have the ability to criticize and initiate.
To implement this vision, the Ministry provides a complete guide for teachers and those involved in education at the early stage.  The foundational curriculum targets the most important areas of child development:​

  • Physical development, including good movement and motor skills 
  • Exploration includes science and mathematics
  • Identity formation or self-control, includes Islamic and social studies
  • Communication  in both Arabic and English
  • Creative expression, including art, theater, music and movement.
​Kindergartens employ advanced and high-quality teaching methods such as libraries, computers and different play areas and employ a teacher and assistant teachers.

The system of continuous evaluation and evaluation of quarterly reports is applied in the early education stages.